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Steve M. Goytia

Owner Tattoo/Senior Tattoo Artist

Tattooing since 1979

“These artists are THE BEST!!! I say if you go there...DEFINATELY!!! You need to go. They have a great atmosphere and the artists know what they are doing. They will be my ONLY artists

to go to!!!” – UglyDucklingMoma


Veronica Goytia (Miss Patty)

Owner Piercing/Senior Piercer

Frankie Jones

General Manager/ Senior Tattoo Artist

Rudy Parras Jr.

Senior Tattoo Artist

Tattooing since 1995

Tattooing since 2010

Victor Ojeda

Senior Tattoo Artist

Tattooing since 2011

Robert Spooky Conde

Senior Tattoo Artist

Tattooing since 2006

Piercing since 2007

Aaron G.

Accounting Manager


Stephanie G.

Body Piercing

Piercing since 2012

Crystal G.

Assistant Manager


Rogelio Gonzales

Business  Manager